s family & cousins ~ a gift for grandma


I actually met this mom at a different cousins session— with the cousins on her husband’s side of the family as a gift for THAT grandma. Then she reached out to me and asked if I would do another session with her sisters’ children to give as a gift to HER mother. I really love this idea and hope more people jump on the bandwagon! What do grandparents love the most? Their grandchildren, of course!

This was another one of those sessions where the weather looked great, then started showing rain *cue panic on my part*, but ended up being beautiful. The mom assured me that these kids were all good listeners, so we should be able to move through everything quickly anyway. And we did! These kids were definitely great listeners and went along with my crazy ideas (I wanted a picture of them all jumping into the air), so of course, I went along with theirs (they wanted to attempt the pyramid again). The pyramid actually went very well and was the most pyramidy-looking pyramid that I have photographed to date. Great work, everyone!

Thank you to all of my amazing clients for referring me to your friends, to your sisters, to your cousins, etc. You make my heart happy as my business continues to grow <3 I love capturing all of these moments in time for you.




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