c family ~ sweet (and awake) baby boy


This family was referred to me by another couple who I just did a newborn session for a few weeks ago. The two couples are not only great friends, but they both just had their first babies within three weeks of each other. And one couple’s baby was a rainbow baby and the other’s was a baby conceived using IVF— which makes the story of their babies and their friendship even more special in my eyes. They both finally got their miracle babies <3

This baby seemed sleepy when I arrived but I soon realized he was putting on an act. He was very awake for most of the session, despite trying many different tricks. I don’t think he wanted to miss out on anything. (I also think maybe he was going through a growth spurt) He was still very good— and happy— but just not sleepy. About halfway through photos with his parents, he took another food break and then just couldn’t hold on any longer. He finally fell asleep! I have to admit, I like the variety that this gallery has since we have both awake and asleep pictures of little Baby A.

Remember those friends that I mentioned at the beginning of this post? The dads grew up together and have already decided that Baby A and Baby S (from this session) will be having an arranged marriage one day. How fun is it going to be for these two families to tackle this new adventure together?!




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