m family ~ sunset first communion session


This sweet girl made her first communion a few weeks ago on a rainy day. When you picture your first communion day, you picture a beautiful day in May: sun shining, flowers blooming, fancy outfit, etc. So a rainy day can be a disappointment! I told this little girl she could just tell people that her communion was the day of her pictures, since WE got a gorgeous evening with pretty light, warm weather, and the beautiful flowers to boot.

As a gift for receiving her communion, this girl received an American Doll girl that looks just like her. She named her Elizabeth. Coincidentally, Elizabeth was also celebrating making her first communion! They both had matching dresses, hairstyles (and faces). I loved being able to incorporate such a special new “family member” into the session. We had to keep an eye on Elizabeth throughout the session to make sure no one took her (there was no one else at our location haha). When we were taking photos of the “two girls,” my client’s daughter was so sweet with her doll— talking gently to her and holding her close. It was the sweetest thing ever.

This session was actually filled with special moments. The little girl was wearing her communion gloves for some of the photos, which the mom told me were actually HERS from when she made her first communion! They were in excellent shape and I thought that was just so incredible that both mom and daughter wore the same item on such a special day. The mom had also found an idea online that she wanted to try where her daughter was holding a photo from her baptism, while in her communion dress. Those pictures were beautiful as well (and the little girl actually looked so similar to her baby photo, too!) All in all, it was a perfect session— and a special bonding experience for this mom and her daughter at that.




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