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I photographed this family last fall and it was magical— I loved the aesthetic and the vibe that they brought to the table. Seeing someone’s home though is a next level insight into their style, the things they cherish and love. The newborn session for their second baby showed me that they love to be together and are very connected to nature. I was feeling very inspired by all of the plants! I am getting SO close to beginning my journey to become a plant lady (lol).

The baby was perfect— slept the whole time like a champ. And the older brother (who seemed so much older since the last time I saw him) was the sweetest with his little brother. He didn’t want to try to hold him by himself, but if he was with mama, he was willing to give tons of kisses and snuggles to the baby. I also made sure to get a photo of all of the boys (this mama is very outnumbered!)

Normally, I am very drawn to color images. I always ask my clients if they want color or black & white or a combination. Most choose a combination, which I happily give them to choose from in their proof gallery. This client ended up choosing mostly black & white photos for her final gallery and I was really into it! The moments were so pure and the connections were so beautiful. The black & white really highlighted that. I don’t know if I am ready to start adding those ones to my color-curated IG feed (:P) but I am definitely becoming a convert!

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