r family ~ planned to perfection

This mom would make a heck of a photographer assistant. She booked the session months ago for an extended family session with her husband’s family. She wanted pretty light, rustic location, and fall colors. As luck would have it, she got exactly what she wanted! She also said she was “leaving nothing to chance” in regards to the family’s styling and boy, did she deliver. As a mom, trying to figure out the clothing for my own family is a challenge if we are going to be taking pictures. I don’t even try if the pictures involve more people than that lol. Well, this mom perfectly coordinated outfits for her entire family. She also brought a lot of her own ideas about different photos she wanted me to try and made sure everyone always looked their best during the actual picture-taking (there were a lot of, “Moooooooooom’s” from the girls but they will be happy when they see how amazing they look in every single photo!). Everything popped so. well. with the fall colors in the trees and the beautiful sunset light.

We started the session with the “big family photo” and since there were no little kids, it was surprisingly easy! It was definitely feeling like a November evening that day (the family members were passing around a blanket to take turns wrapping themselves for warmth) so we did all the photos with the grandparents first and then let them head back to the car. We kept everyone else moving around and before we knew it, we were all heading back to the cars. It was a perfect evening.

But seriously, if anyone has the budget for an assistant, this mom is your girl!

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