baby J ~ sweet & squishy

This mom is actually the aunt of my 6 year-old daughter’s “love of her life.” Yes, I know that sounds crazy but she did propose to this kid last year in kindergarten— which is a story for another day. Well, now his aunt and uncle had a baby and here we are! This amazing mama went a few days past her due date and ended up having a 9 and a half pound baby (first baby… just think about that for a minute). She looks incredible though and if you saw her on the street, you wouldn’t even know she had a baby.

So this sweet, little squishy boy was a star for his photoshoot. He was happy and sleepy. I even got to check out his nursery, which was perfect. It was Winnie the Pooh themed and so cute. When I see these nurseries, I feel a little bit bad that I never had a perfectly executed nursery theme for my own babies. Oh well, haha.

Part of the reason I love these hybrid newborn sessions, with both posed and lifestyle components is because there are those precious sleepy baby pictures, but I also get to really see the parents’ excitement about their new baby, too. I am in their home, in the spaces they have lovingly prepared for this new person joining their family.

We couldn’t stop smiling at all the cute noises baby J was making as his parents cuddled and kissed him. Babies really bring so much happiness!

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