k family ~ sister, sister

This session actually started out as a first birthday shoot for big sis back in May. A few weeks before, the mom reached out to me and said, “Soooo, how about we just switch to a November newborn session.” I was thrilled for them and of course, happy to make the switch!

Newborn sessions are usually a little tricky when there are big siblings involved, especially younger ones, because you just never know how they are going to be with the baby. And they may be super sweet and loving “off camera” but once someone strange is there and trying to take a picture, suddenly they want nothing to do with their new brother or sister. In this case, I knew ahead of time that big sis loved her baby (sometimes too much, haha!) but was also still adjusting. Boy, did this bring back memories for me. One of the hardest times in my mom life (I know I should consider myself very lucky for this) was when we brought home our second daughter from the hospital. My oldest was young enough that she wasn’t really talking yet and I think that, combined with the fact that there was now this new little person around, led her to have a lot of feelings that she didn’t know what to do with. We can leave it at that for now, haha. It was hard; I will say that. Especially when your hormones are all over the place and you aren’t sleeping well because of nightly feeds and recovering from just having a baby.

This morning, big sister was not interested in taking photos with the baby and we had to be flexible and get creative (at one point, putting Sesame Street on in the background to keep her attention). She WAS so sweet with her sister and loved using her as a pillow to snuggle up with. Those are some of my favorite pictures from the session. I wish I could have scooped her up and explained so that she would understand, “Listen, I know this is hard right now. Your parents are paying attention to another little person, too now. But you will be SO happy to have a little sister. You will be the best of friends. You will go on adventures, play pretend, get into trouble together. She will worship the ground that you walk on! Just give it some time.” Unfortunately, you can’t really explain that! I am totally here for it as she starts to figure that out, though. She is in for a real treat.

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