r family ~ first birthday/milk bath session


I have been so excited for this session! I honestly do not get many requests for first birthday sessions since I do not have a studio. When this mom said she wanted a milk bath, I was alllllll about it. How cute is this mini vintage-looking clawfoot tub?!

Kids this age are definitely unpredictable, so we knew we would have to be flexible (and fast!) but this little rock star was PERFECT. Once we started singing songs that she liked (Animal Freeze Dance, anyone?), she was super smiley and clapped happily. I also brought the wooden stool and she loved climbing onto and sitting on that. Then came the bath. This girl loved the water. As soon as she got in, she splashed and splashed…getting water everywhere. (Yes, I did have to edit water off the wall in some photos haha!) She probably would have stayed in there for awhile longer— or at least until she had splashed all of the water out. Happy babies are the absolute best!

This little lady was so much fun to photograph. Besides the fact that she is gorgeous, and has the most perfectly messy curls, she has so much personality. Her family is lucky to have her! Happy birthday, girly 🙂




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