g family ~ rainbow after a storm


When this family reached to me, they were referred by the couple that I did the epic gender reveal and then newborn photos for. It turns out, they were actually at the gender reveal but we never formally met and they had only just learned that they were pregnant… with their rainbow baby.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, rainbow babies are babies born following a loss. As a mom who has two rainbow babies of her own, I have always loved the term and the whole idea of rainbow babies. Miscarriages are devastating and hurt you in ways you never knew were possible. For me, they also caused a PTSD that I go through every. single. pregnancy. Those close to me have to deal with me being a nervous wreck throughout my entire pregnancies. So after you go through all of these difficult emotions, when you are rewarded with a beautiful, healthy baby, it is so incredibly special. A rainbow after a storm.

This little girl is absolutely perfect and her parents’ protectiveness and love for her was palpable. Her nursery looked like something out of a magazine— with every detail thought of. I was also very excited about it from a selfish perspective because it got awesome natural light (haha!). The family dog has been trying to figure out what’s going on and has been extra attached to mom and dad. They said that he always thinks they are leaving. Between covid and a new baby, it must be hard for him! Despite this, he has been so good with the baby. One of my favorite moments from the session was at the end when I was taking pictures of the family, including him. He had been glued to dad the entire time, but while I was shooting, he lifted his head to give mom some kisses. It was so incredibly sweet and I was so glad I was able to capture it. Baby girl and her big brother pup are growing up in such a loving home!




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