l family ~ one last session with only one baby


This client reached out to me to inquire about a maternity/newborn package and confessed that she has been feeling “a bit weepy” about her family dynamic changing in the next couple weeks. As soon as she said that, I was transported back in time to my pregnancy with my second daughter. I remember talking to my mom about this A LOT. I was so worried that my oldest daughter would feel neglected when the new baby came and that she would be confused about why we weren’t giving her as much attention. As happy and excited as I was about this new baby, my emotions were all over the place and I just felt so much guilt. It didn’t help that my first daughter was not an easy baby and she was definitely a mama’s girl. My mom’s response was, “Kristine, you are giving Maggie a GIFT. You have to remember that.” Now I look at my two oldest daughters and they are the absolute best of friends. They have bunk beds but they sleep in the same bed every night. The older one reads to the younger one every night after we say good night and close the door. Siblings are a gift 🙂

The little girl in this session will be an amazing big sister to her soon-to-arrive little brother. I can already tell. She has such a sweet demeanor. She was happy playing with flowers and sticks during the session— although we did sort of lose her once she started playing with rocks haha. I felt so bad, too; at the beginning of the session, I had the family in a less “cultivated” area of our location and she ended up walking next to a sticker bush that got all stuck to her tights. Those things are a PAIN to get off so we had to just take the tights off for the rest of the session. Everyone was very go-with-the-flow about this, thankfully!

I loved watching this family interact. There was so much love during this session! Both parents have such a special relationship with their daughter and it was apparent that she loves both of them to pieces. I can’t wait for them to add another little person to love into their mix. Fingers crossed that this baby comes before mine so I can sneak in a newborn session!




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