r family ~ downtown Cranford and then cake!

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It seems like just yesterday that I was taking pictures for this little guy’s newborn session and now here he is, a walking machine! Mom and dad really wanted to do a session in downtown Cranford, their hometown, since they love where they live. We made sure to get to the “hotspots” and even went to the train platform for the good light. Since we had the stroller, we took the elevator and honestly, who goes in the elevator at the train station unless they absolutely have to? It is small and pretty creepy— even in a town like Cranford.

Then we headed back to this family’s house. We had taken pictures in front of their home at the newborn session and mom had a vision; she wanted a few there this year to have the contrast of baby L and year-old L. Finally, we moved into the backyard for the most fun part— a cake smash! By this point, it was hard to pin down the birthday boy. He was a mover and a shaker. The intrigue of a small cake did finally hold his interest but he still didn’t LIKE it. Mom and dad tried to feed it to him. No interest. They even tried to feed him the strawberries. Still no interest. Give him a few months and I guarantee he will be interested!

It was so wonderful seeing this family again and taking photos in a few places that are so special to them. This felt like an especially “personalized” session. While we were in downtown, I had mentioned to my clients that I was meeting up with my cousin for dinner afterwards. I asked for suggestions and they gave me a few ideas. My cousin and I ended up picking a different spot (for no reason other than it was a restaurant that she had thought would be perfect for us) and who walks in about a half hour after we got there? My clients! And they were sat right next to us. Since they were all dressed up, they decided to get a babysitter and have a date night. It was a great way to end the evening!

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