d family ~ baby boy and the Grateful Dead

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As I was walking in, I noticed a Grateful Dead lawn/garden sign and thought, “Hmm that’s cool.” The dad ended up playing the band during the session and honestly, what is more relaxing than that?! (To be fair, we made it through a Disney playlist first)

Big sister was so sweet and loving towards her baby brother. She wanted to rock him (sometimes violently, but it’s the thought that counts), lay in his car seat, and show him her toys. When it came time to take pictures with him, she wasn’t AS interested, but we still tricked her into it! It must be such a wild transition for the older sibling when a new baby comes home. I was 1.5 when it happened to me and I don’t remember it at all, so I’m holding onto that for these other kids!

I always love seeing how the parents interact with the older child during the session. Many of them use the time as an opportunity for some special time with their firstborn since I am working with just the baby for part of the session. They will make a special treat for them, or read them a book, or play a game. And I know every bit of that helps! When I see mom and dad working so hard to make sure that their older child feels just as loved as the new baby, I know just how lucky these kids are to be growing up in such a loving home 🙂

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