r family ~ a fall session during the last days of summer


Being a photographer has made me a better mom and being a mom has made me a better photographer. There, I said it. As I sat down to write this blog, I started singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and remembered that during this session, that was the song that the little girl loved. I’m sure I look and sound like a complete lunatic during my sessions, as I am singing songs, making noises, running and jumping around. When I want a shot, I will do just about anything to get it, haha! Being a mom has given me a whole slew of attention-getting ideas, distraction techniques, and an understanding of the way that kids’ minds work. And then being around other people’s children during my sessions makes me miss mine— even if they drove me crazy that day. My sessions give me the space and ability to step back, breathe, and appreciate all that I have.

Maybe you noticed, but I have started making reels for all of my sessions. Isn’t it something how music can bring such life to photographs? The song that I chose to go along with this session was Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up”— so basically I was setting myself up to just cry whenever I watch this reel, even though the pictures aren’t even of MY kids! During this session, the little boy and girl didn’t really want to be taking photos. The boy wanted to find leaves, or rocks, or eat snacks. The girl (of course) had fought her nap that day and was tired. It was a hot day and we were all sweating by the end. I know this mom feels this as much as I do— even though these days are tiring, and crazy, and gross (I pretty much always have spit up, boogers, food, etc. on me, sorry to say!), I know I will miss them so much one day.

If only these babies could just stay little! Unfortunately, as one of my favorite photographers says, “Babies don’t keep.” Photos are the only thing that can freeze this moment in time, however chaotic it seems, for this family. And that’s where I come in!




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