e family ~ a photo “mission”


I was excited to photograph this family again, one year after I did a newborn session for their little girl. I remembered them being a fun family and it is always special for me to see how much the kids in “my (clients’) families” have grown. It was a beautiful night (slightly cooler than the night before when we were all sweating haha!). This little boy was so sweet with his sister. You would have never known that he didn’t want to have much to do with her a year ago when I was trying to capture those new sibling moments. This night, I didn’t even have to ask him to kiss or hug her. He knew the playbook and he was ready. Of course, he was also very busy exploring this new place so it was hard to pin him down at times. Luckily, my favorite pictures are of families playing together and when he was given “missions,” like tickling his parents, he was on board. It all worked out!

This mom had also requested that I take a few pictures of just her and her husband, since those opportunities don’t come around quite like they used to. When I was setting that up, I asked the husband to whisper a secret into his wife’s ear. Well, I’m not sure what he said, but I got the best laughing pictures of her after that. The photos are so natural and sweet of the two of them! (Have Matt and I ever gotten a picture that natural together? I don’t think so, haha)

We did a lot of moving around and exploring to keep the 3 year old with us and entertained, but isn’t that life with little kids? Happy fall 🙂




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