a girl and her pup


So this stunner is actually my cousin, who also runs her own photography business. When she asked if she could book a session with me since her dog is turning one, I was incredibly honored. I have never done this type of session before but it ended up being so much fun. We worked together to style the session and picked a spot with beautiful light. She really trusted my vision and I was able to let my creativity run free. (Also to say it— her pup was a much better listener than most of the kids I work with… especially my own!!)

Her relationship with her dog is so special. He is clearly smitten with her and loves playing and spending time with her. She is grooming him to be a competition dog and once he gets a bit older, he will be able to compete in agility competitions. She is also training him to be a service dog; it was fascinating to learn some of the things that he is trained to sense about her— like elevated heart rate for one.

This session meant so much to me. It was refreshing to spend some one on one time with my cousin. (My photography sessions are the extent of my social life these days!) She looked gorgeous and her dog was well-behaved and incredibly loving. I’m so looking forward to spending many more beautiful nights with amazing clients this fall.




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