p family ~ warm november evenings


This was actually a reschedule date. TALK ABOUT LUCKY! We were a little nervous as we began our trek to the location where we would be taking photos and we saw an animal control van parked near the entrance. I still don’t know exactly why it was there but we did have a little bit of excitement on our way back to the cars. The dad pointed out a fox in the woods on the one side of the trail we were walking along, which was cool at first, except it kept heading in the same direction as us. We briskly kept walking and tried laughing off our nerves as we continued to hear rustling in the brush. We looked behind us at one point and the fox was just standing in the middle of the trail staring at us. The kids were intrigued but also freaked out. It was pretty far away but I still took a photo for them to remember our adventure.

In between the animal control van and fox sighting, we pretty much had a “picture perfect” session. It was warm and sunny with a healthy dose of fall foliage. You can’t ask for better than that! When we arrived at the lake, the boys were excited to try skipping some rocks and the little girl was happy to have an opportunity to show off her “standing with assistance” skills. This family was so relaxed and fun to spend time with. Plus, the story had a happy ending since we saw a beautiful fox with no harm done, haha.




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