o family ~ cold trek to the lake


I squeezed this family into my ca-razy fall schedule because the mom is the sister in law of a friend/client who posted her family photos a month or so ago. I really try to honor my clients! Election Day session it was.

I had met this mom before and she is a lot of fun but I had never met her kids or seen her interact with them. They are SO cute and looked like they should be in a children’s clothing magazine (Are magazines a thing of the past? I should have said a children’s boutique IG account)

Unfortunately, as they were all walking towards me so that we could walk together TO the location where I would be shooting, the youngest girl (4 years old) tripped and fell. She was wearing white tights and a little bit of blood seeped through— the point is that she could see it. Well, you know kids. She was limping the rest of the session or wanting to be carried. Even her angry/sad faces were adorable but with some patience, we also did get so many smiles from her! The older two kids were so easy throughout the entire session. They were running together, skipping together, laughing together. I was able to see how well they get along and it was perfection.

Mom also exhibited an extraordinary amount of patience for her youngest daughter, I have to say. When my family goes on “adventures,” my son is always the one crying to be held, falling behind, sobbing, throwing himself on the ground, etc. and it is TAXING. She did carry her a lot of the way and kept reassuring her that a bandaid would be waiting at the car. I was sort of glad I was only responsible for my camera this time around, haha. Great job, mom!




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