c family ~ sunday adventures


When I met up with this family, I asked if they wanted to walk. This location has a number of good photo spots but my favorite one involves a bit of a trek. They agreed to walk, so away we went! I was able to get to know the girls along the way (and hear about their pet fish), which I am sure contributed to our getting such amazing pictures of the two of them during the session. They may have thought that a 15 minute walk just to get to the spot was the adventure, but then once we got there, I made them walk through tall grasses/wildflowers/prickly bushes so that they were in the field when I was shooting. Thankfully, they trusted my vision.

Next, we moved to the barn portion of the session and the dad started letting his creativity flow. He had different ideas for backdrops and setups and we went with it! The sun was just showing off that evening as it dipped below the trees. It was a gorgeous night and I am so happy this family (although reluctantly at times) went along with my crazy ideas to get some really great shots. Plus, how cute are these sisters together?!




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