p family ~ last weeks as a family of 3

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This family <3 I have taken pictures of them for the past few years and they are the real deal. There is so much love there— between all of them. Sometimes when I tell people I want to take a picture of “just mom and dad,” they get a little funny because it’s not something they normally do. These two specifically requested photos of just the two of them. And they were just making each other laugh the whole time!

I have said it before but I consider myself to be so incredibly lucky. Many of my clients have become friends. I have gotten to know them personally; I am looking for your story when I take your pictures and as I get to know that story, and you start to get to know mine, friendships just naturally happen. Which then in turn, helps me to dive even deeper when taking your next pictures, and so on and so on. This is a family that has become friends. They are such good, kind people, that you can’t help but feel pulled towards them. I absolutely love every time I get to see them! And I am so happy for them that they will be welcoming their baby girl in a few short weeks. She is so lucky already, and she hasn’t even joined us earth-side yet.

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