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This birthday/family session was so good. A few hours beforehand, I was super productive and delivered a ton of orders. I also checked out the location since I hadn’t been there in a bit. It looked good, but at golden hour, when we actually shot the session… WOW. The colors looked completely different in the best way— everything just popped. I love this spot too because it is quiet, something I always have in mind when a family is bringing their dog!

Aside from the fact that the light was exquisite, this family is just so sweet! I used to teach with the dad back in my teaching days, so it was something else to see him in this relatively new dad role (I wasn’t surprised at how great of a dad he is… he was always the students’ favorite teacher) I love when I can tell just how much fun parents have with their kids— by how they look at them, play with them, are amazed by them. The dog was no exception here. She was just as much one of “their kids” as the little birthday boy. Which leads to the cake smash.

We ended the session with a cake smash since this little guy just turned one. And it was the cutest. The mom is a nutritionist so naturally, she was very proud when he went right for the strawberries and didn’t show much interest in the rest of the cake. Once they all got involved, he was happy to share though! The pictures where he is feeding the dog some of the cake were the absolute best. It was clear that the two of them are the best of buddies (and I can see them getting into a lot of trouble as well, haha). This was definitely one of those “driving home with my heart full” kind of sessions 🙂

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