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This session was ccccold. Yes, I was editing a lot of red noses! The weather was actually supposed to be nice, just a bit chilly, but then there were all these ominous looking clouds and we didn’t know what to think! I actually think the clouds add a really cool look to the photos— and they really did look like that.

The little guy was shy at first and just burrowed into his mama, sucking his thumb all the while. Those ended up being some of my favorite images from the session because let’s be honest, I was of course shooting through that. After that though, he wanted a lay of the land and started exploring on his own. We had to just go with what he wanted to do and all smiles had to be tricked out of him. Luckily, he was very ticklish and liked the games I was playing with him.

Also, I have to say it— he had the best shoes. I really couldn’t get over them. They were the smallest pair of dress shoes I have ever seen (cue the “awwwww”). I don’t think I was even putting any shoes on my kids at that age so props to this mom and dad for not only doing that, but for finding the cutest pair. This was another amazing family that I had the opportunity to meet this fall!

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Morris County Family Photographer

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