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The littlest guy in this family just wanted to run. He was hard to keep still so we had to be on the move for most of the session— which would have been fine (and still was!) but it was a warm evening aaaand mom was wearing heels. Everyone was good natured though and we were able to run around with the kids and keep everyone happy.

After mom saw the sneak peak photos that I posted online, she said she loved how “perfectly imperfect they were,” and that is what I loved about them too. If you are looking for a session where we get together and just do a lot of smiling pictures and then go home, I am not the photographer for you. I flow with the kids, which is why sometimes our sessions may involved running, or tossing kids into the air, or rolling around on the ground and tickling. BUT this is also why I stick to golden hour for sessions, even though that is a lot later in the summer— usually coinciding with bedtimes. I still always get the photos I want because we keep things fun and light; if we need to change up what we are doing, we do. And everyone has fun!

This “perfectly imperfect” session was no exception. This mom has the best smile and laugh and she clearly loves her boys (husband included!) Her happy personality just shines through in her photos. One of my other favorite things from the session was watching the way that the two brothers interacted. There are 6 years between them but they still are such buddies. At the end of the session, when I was done shooting and we were starting to trek back to the car, they just started holding hands (without me telling them to) and kept walking. Yes, I grabbed a photo of that. It was a special moment that I was able to witness and a great way to end the night.

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