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“I think it’s in my eyes” whispered mom at the end of the cake smash that concluded our session together. And yes, yes it was. But was it worth it?! Hopefully she says yes LOL.

I feel like I am always saying, “This family is the best,” but it’s so true. I just have the best best best clients and this family is no exception. They are always ready to have a great time together. Obviously, they are ready to get messy together too! Their little girl was turning one and they wanted to do a special birthday/family session to commemorate that. We went to a quiet, beautiful park near their home. This session was actually going to a busy one: I was shooting photos, video (I will share part of that soon), AND we were ending with a cake smash. I knew I would have to be on top of my game.

The kids were just so cute (as always). Their son has an incredible imagination and was carrying around this stick very protectively (obviously, we were trying to support his dreams but also NOT have him holding a stick in every picture) and proceeded to tell me that it was actually a shark. He went on with that (captured in the video) before finally agreeing to put it down.

The cake smash was nothing short of epic. We started with just the one-year old. She got a few minutes to herself with the cake before being joined by her older brother. Soon after, both parents got in and it. got. messy. Everyone was having fun and the pictures and video footage were so good. This is going to be a memory that at least the older son has forever. And with the help of the album of photos that they will also be receiving soon, they are memories that everyone will always have 🙂

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