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newborn baby in a bucket

This little guy was supposed to be born on Valentine’s Day, but he joined the party a week early (to be fair, it wasn’t his fault. The delivering doctor had a vacation scheduled lol). I hope mom still thinks of him as her little valentine <3

This mom booked her newborn session months ago and at that time, they had been living in a condo and actively looking for a house for awhile— since before her daughter’s first birthday sunflower session. With the housing market being what is is, they are still looking for their dream home. I arrived to their condo (which was really nice, but I could see how it would be a tight fit for a family of 4 plus their dog) and big sister was very interested in what I was doing to her baby. These two little siblings are only 15 months apart, but she was still sooo sweet with her brother. So many times during the session (of course when I juuuuust about had the baby asleep) she came over making kissy noises because she wanted to give him a quick kiss. Even though that did make the process a bit longer, it was so cute that I always let her give him that kiss. Eventually, mom and dad took her for a little walk around the condo and then I was able to get the baby into a deep sleep and start moving through my workflow.

We took a little break from the baby-only poses to get some pictures of the two kiddos together before big sister’s nap. And again, she was super sweet with her brother. This might have even been her first time actually holding him and she was just loving on him the whole time, lots of big hugs and soft kisses on his head. (Disclaimer: mom was right there as the spotter). What a special (and yes, sometimes stressful) time when your little one gets to become a big sibling. Those two will get into all kinds of trouble, I am sure, especially since they are almost Irish twins.

This beautiful boy was a champ and I love all of his sleepy-boy pictures 🙂

newborn baby in a bed

newborn baby being kissed by big sister

newborn baby feet

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