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newborn baby with dog

How stinking cute is this baby boy? (Side note: so many newborn boys lately! There must have been something in the water 10 months ago haha) Some moms tell me before their session that all the baby does is sleep and they would be shocked if he/she didn’t sleep for the entire session [aka the kiss of death LOL] and some tell me that they are worried they won’t be able to even get any sleepy pictures because their little one is awake a lot of the day. This guy was definitely alert, but I found my perfect spot in the home, set up the heater, and patiently helped him to get sleepy. Meanwhile, the parents were both so easy to chat with (and mom looked like she never even had a baby!). I know my chatting wasn’t helping the baby fall asleep so I had to stop myself— which if you know me, can be hard haha.

Once I focused, I got the baby to fall asleep and then moved into the posed part of the session. After that, he got all snuggly with mom and dad. We hung out in his nursery first and I always love to see my clients’ nurseries. They put so much time planning every little detail while they wait for their little miracle to arrive. Then we went downstairs to the living room and big brother pup got into the action. It’s always an interesting challenge to get fur siblings into newborn pictures. First of all, it is hard to just get a big dog to sit where you want them to. Second of all, when you give them the freedom to go near the baby, they either keep trying to get away or they start giving the baby tons of kisses— and moms usually are trying to limit dog kisses around a super vulnerable newborn haha. But these pictures are SO worth it. This is all such a big part of this time; and you know that the dog and the baby will usually become best friends, so isn’t it important to document the early days of that friendship?! I am totally a perfectionist when it comes to a lot of aspects of my photography, but I love “perfectly imperfect,” too!

dad holding newborn baby

newborn baby with eyes open

parents looking at newborn baby

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