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maternity photography family smiling together

This day was cccccold but you would never know that by looking at these photos. Originally we had this session scheduled for March, but mom asked if we could move it up since she was already feeling big and uncomfortable. We tried to be efficient and kept soon-to-be big brother in the car to warm up in between his own shots.

Mom showed up looking gorgeous, naturally. I had first met her at my motherhood mini sessions last year, which she signed up for because she said that she had been so exhausted during her son’s newborn session that she didn’t get into any of the pictures. Can we just give her a virtual round of applause? Not only did she book that motherhood session with me so that she could have beautiful pictures with her first baby, but now she has had a maternity session with that same baby before a new baby comes to town, plus a newborn session on the books where I will not LET her escape being in the frame haha.

Maternity sessions are so special. There is a lot going on internally for parents before a new baby arrives. I can only speak to what goes on in a mama’s heart, but it is very hard knowing that you are physically not going to be able to give your first baby (babies) as much attention as you used to, once this new baby comes. And you also know in your heart that this is a good thing, but that doesn’t make it less difficult. So, these sessions are all about mom, of course (and the belly!) but they are also about mom having the chance to interact with her family exactly as it is in that moment— and to have that moment documented and preserved forever. As much as I can’t wait for April to meet this precious new baby girl and watch her big brother love on her, I know this family will be cherishing the moments until then as well. Until April, my friends!

maternity photography mom holding belly

maternity photography mom holding her baby

maternity photography mom holding her belly

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