p family ~ asbury park boardwalk

I was so excited when this family wanted to do their session in Asbury Park. This was, sadly, my only time getting anywhere near the beach in the past year. And the weather was on point. This mom had asked if we could do the session in the morning and I was very leery. I pretty much avoid daytime sessions like the plague because of harsh sunlight, but since clouds were in the forecast, I (nervously) agreed. Well everything worked out because it was a gorgeous day and it did stay mostly cloudy. It was basically a perfect day to be strolling down the boardwalk.

The little guy had been napping in the car on the way there but it didn’t take him long to come out of his shell and let the smiles fly. With the amount of love and attention his parents were giving him, it was bound to happen! I walked away from this session with such a full heart. This family is so kind, so full of love and life. I barely had to give them any direction. The mom and dad would just do everything I would have asked them to do…on their own. They were laughing together, kissing, playing with the baby, getting him to smile and laugh, dancing together. It was so beautiful to see! I took a few videos at the session so that I could make an IG reel and when I watched them later, I just couldn’t stop smiling. All I have to say is, that is a lucky baby right there.

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