d family ~ princeton university

It was a chilly but gorgeous day at Princeton University this past Saturday. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even feel the cold because I was so excited to be back in one of my all time favorite spots in the state. The architecture, the ivy, the arches, the sunset…I loved it all! Unfortunately, these three little girls didn’t have quite the same immunity to the cold that I did. Downtown Princeton was definitely bustling. It was decorated for Christmas and feeling oh so magical. That also meant that parking was challenging. So the session started with just mom and the girls while Dad was trying to find a parking spot. These three sisters love getting their pictures taken and doing their hand-on-hip poses, so we started right away with those.

Then dad joined in on the fun. I met this family because the dad is actually my financial planner. I had just graduated from college and one of my friends from the boys volleyball team was interning and needed “clients” so he set up a meeting with his supervisor (this dad) and me. Long story short, I set up some life insurance policies, my friend didn’t end up staying with the company, I stopped thinking about these policies for 5 years until I got married and had my first daughter, and heeeeere we are! It’s so funny how things work out.

Once the girls started getting cold, we were pulling out all the stops to keep them happy. At one point, the dad even gave his oldest daughter his blazer to wear. Obviously I had to snap a picture of THAT for memory’s sake (she looks like a box with those broad jacket shoulders). At another point, the dad was handing leaves to each of his daughters to throw in the air for a few smiles. The creativity was flowing! If I didn’t have my own kids to get back to, I would have loved to stay and hang for awhile but alas, responsibility was calling. I’m sad this session is over and am wondering who else wants to go to Princeton next year?!

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