a family ~ downtown cranford

Most of my sessions are rustic, middle-of-a-field sessions (which I LOVE), but this family always likes to mix it up. Last year, we did a session in Asbury Park, one of their favorite places to spend time together as a family, and this year, their session was in the downtown of their hometown Cranford. I never get requests for downtown sessions so I was very excited about this one! Cranford is also one of my favorite towns 🙂

We brainstormed some of the most iconic spots downtown and then walked around. It was chilly but so fun and invigorating! The boys even got to go on the train platform, which they hadn’t done before. As we were crossing streets to get to our next destination, people were actually opening their car windows and yelling out to this mom how beautiful she looked. As in, this happened multiple times. If you are ever feeling down, just get dressed up and walk around downtown Cranford for your pick-me-up! To be fair, she did look gorgeous and absolutely knocked it out of the park with the styling of her family.

The pressure is on for me to find an equally amazing spot for next year’s session. We joked (?!?) about an abandoned amusement park. I would totally do it if I can find one! Thinking cap is officially on.

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