k family ~ epic gender reveal leads to supercute baby


Do you remember the incredible gender reveal party I had the opportunity to photography? With 50 canons of (blue!) confetti all pointed directly above the expecting couple that were released simultaneously? Well, that excited mom and dad “to be” just officially became mom and dad! The new dad’s sister (who had also set up the gender reveal party) gifted her little brother a newborn session for his baby boy. That is one of the many things I just love about this family. They are always planning big surprises for each other.

Oh yeah, and I love babies.

I arrived to the session and found (a very cute but) not very tired little baby. Eventually we did get him to sleep but he really did not like missing out on any action. Can you blame him? Look at the family he was born into! By the time we moved on to the photos with the parents, we were doing the old binky trick (keep it in and then pull it out quickly, snap pictures, put it back in) but you would never know this from the pictures. He does look awake, but he is also looking so happily into his mom and dad’s faces. He was such a sweet boy <3

I love all newborn sessions because I so thoroughly enjoy the pure love that is radiating throughout these sessions. But newborn sessions with brand new parents are especially beautiful. I know that these two people have just had their worlds completely turned upside down and there is no way anyone can truly prepare for that. But the love for their new little one is what carries them through… the sleepless nights, the feelings of uncertainty, the physical healing. And my job is to capture that love.




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