NJ Newborn Photography Session in Cedar Grove


Mom looks down at her smiling newborn baby girl

Many of my sessions, NJ Newborn Photography sessions in particular, are referrals from my own clients. (I have the best clients ever and no one can convince me otherwise!) This session was no exception. This dad is the brother of this dad. Isn’t it the best when siblings have kids together?!

How I Run My NJ Newborn Photography Sessions

I consider myself a hybrid newborn photographer because I come to your home for the session. Yes, I capture lifestyle photos of the family loving on the baby, with a combination of studio poses and natural in-the-moment captures of each of the parents with the baby, as well as siblings and pets. I also bring prop setups, wraps, delicate bows/bonnets, and everything else I need to capture those sleepy, baby-only photos that are more typical of a studio photographer. My clients love the fact that they don’t have to get everyone out the door on top of getting ready that morning (all while operating on very little sleep and with an adorable little newborn!)

Sleepy Baby Tricks

Since there were no older siblings with naptimes to contend with, I started with solo shots sweet baby girl. I bring my portable space heater and Baby Shusher to every session so that I can get babies nice and sleepy. I follow the baby’s cues, so I do have a game plan when I walk in but I also make sure I have backup plans. This little one was the happiest when she was swaddled up, so I kept her wrapped for most of the session. We moved her right from the props into the absolutely sweetest photos with her mom, dad and big brother pup. Most of these were in the nursery because this family put amazing effort into making her the most serene, beautiful space.

More About the Nursery

Part of why I love taking photos in the nursery is because it is usually a curated, cozy space. Another reason is because there is usually a rocker or chair in there and I love getting photos peeking into the nursery while the family rocks and looks at their new addition. There is so much beautiful wonder that is part of newborn sessions. Yes, the family members are tired, but as they look at this incredible new person, none of that seems to even matter.

I was so excited to add this crew to my “client family!”

NJ Newborn Photography Session in Cedar Grove

If you are interested in knowing more about my maternity & newborn sessions, check out my work here and reach out to say hello here. I always love meeting new people!

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Dad holds his baby girl and his 2 year old puppy I NJ Newborn Photography session

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