g family ~ golden fall light


When this family rolled up and I saw the 6 month old girl’s outfit, I was sold. It’s funny, they actually were a little late because their gps had taken them to the wrong place so we ended up taking pictures in a new spot for me. Usually I head one way at this particular location, but since I had some time to explore and study the light while I was waiting for them, I decided to mix it up and stick to a closer spot. The light was gorgeous and was what I might call “ooey gooey”— hope that doesn’t weird you out!

Their outfits were on point and they were ready to go. The mom wanted to bring a few holiday props so that she could get some more “Christmas-y” photos to use for their holiday cards. We did those first and then moved into the normal family session. The baby was just so happy the whole time! And she loves their dog, which was so cute to see. He was still a little scared of her but she just wanted to be touching him, holding his hand, looking at him. What a special puppy/baby sibling duo <3

This family is #goals. The parents just have so much fun together— it is clear to see, so I know that this baby will grow up surrounded by fun, love and laughter. At one point during the session, mom and dad just started dancing together… in the middle of this field with warm, golden light shining down on them. It was perfection!

Click here if you want to see photos from their newborn session.




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