n family ~ sleepy newborn session


This mom was so excited for her newborn session, which she wasn’t sure she would even be able to have because, well, covid. But then the day before, she emailed me in a panic because the baby was going through a growth spurt and was having a lot of trouble sleeping, was crying much more than usual and was generally cranky. I assured her that we would be flexible but that I do have a few tricks and we would hope for the best!

Let me tell you, I’m not even sure I believe her after the session we had together! Despite being a little older than normal for a newborn session, this 5 week old slept like a CHAMP. She fell asleep as soon as I wrapped her up and then roused for the first time as I was packing to leave. Simple as that! She let me change her wraps, switch out headbands, move her around to a few different props… and we even got some shots with the dog!

I am sure I have said this before but there is something SO special about watching parents with their new baby— especially first time parents. When I walk into a nursery and it is literal perfection, I envision the parents (probably the mom :P) pinning ideas to Pinterest, carefully choosing color schemes and finding decor to match… all while they dream about what their newest family member will be like. Then, I get to step in and photograph the pure love and joy that they have for this little person that they waited for 9 months to meet. I feel so lucky to have that job!




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