m family ~ sunsets and sweet babies


These are a few of my favorite things! First of all, I would like to note that this mom has gotten a ton of compliments on her outfit selections for this session. As soon as she told me what her family would be wearing, I knew the spot I wanted to take them. It has a beautiful building with an old stone staircase in the back and an open wildflower meadow. I chose this location for the sunset and boyyy did we get a good one.

The baby was 6 months old and despite the nip in the air, she was incredibly happy. It was so easy to get her to smile! The family also brought their dog (Harley Quinn— great name and reference) The session actually began in a very funny way. At least I thought so, but my sense of humor is weird as a mom of 4. We were just about to embark on our photography journey when the mom realized the baby had an accident… a very messy one. So back to the car she went to clean up the baby and herself. (I just want to throw up the Hunger Games hand signal) Then the journey began. Shortly afterwards, Harley ran off because she realized it was her turn. Once everyone was good, the rest of the session went off without a hitch.

These little stories are what I love though because they make the night memorable. I want my sessions to be fun and I want there to be a “story.” Maybe the story will be funny like this one, maybe it will be exciting like finding a giant caterpillar. You can’t plan these things!




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