a family ~ asbury park boardwalk session


When this mom reached out to me and said she wanted her Christmas card photos to be at the beach this year, I was super excited. I love mixing it up and that they were all about Asbury Park. Even better was that when I arrived at the session, I learned that the dad had really wanted their engagement pictures to be on the Asbury Park boardwalk but that dream had never materialized. Now, here we were, two kids later, making. it. happen.

I figured we would start on the north end, go down and back capturing different spots on the boardwalk and then end up on the beach. The oneee hiccup was that our walk down and back took a lot longer than anticipated so it was getting dark by the time we actually got onto the beach. We did find some yummy light on the boardwalk though! The brothers were so sweet together—they are only a year apart. Actually, the older one thought that I lived on the boardwalk, which I enjoyed. Every time we moved to a new spot, they would say, “Thank you, bye!” Hahaha I am laughing right now just thinking about it. (I think they wanted to get rid of me)

To try and corral the boys, we had a few races. The funny thing is that the younger brother would always start running towards me (the goal) and then veer off and go in a completely different direction. (Maybe you are starting to piece together why we were so late getting on the beach :P) It was such a fun session and I am so glad this family asked me to join them at one of their favorite places to make their photos even more personalized and special.




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