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This family had a gorgeous maternity session a few months ago at one of my favorite spots and now they have welcomed their little one earthside. Our session together was so sweet and vulnerable. I filmed footage at their maternity session so that I could put that together with the footage from their newborn session (and I am so happy with how it came out! See below).

I asked the mom at one point to sing a lullaby that she normally sings to the baby so that I could record her voice for a part of the video. She got almost all the way through before becoming very emotional. I wasn’t sure if that song had special significance to her, but it turned out that she was just reacting to the big-ness of becoming a mom. Aside from the fact that your hormones are all over the place after having a baby, you also experience such intense emotions— mainly an incredible (and overwhelming) amount of love for this little person who you have known for such a short period of time. It was such a beautiful moment. Then later, I asked both the mom and dad to answer a few questions for me about becoming parents— and those turned into emotional moments too. There is no doubt in my mind that this little girl already has both of her parents completely smitten and wrapped around her finger.

I know I say it again and again, but it is such a privilege for me to bear witness to these special moments that my clients and their families experience. My job is to get everyone comfortable enough that they get to that vulnerable point, where they can just be themselves freely show their love for one another. This was a full-heart-session for sure.

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