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This session is one that would be fun to do again. Normally, clients book their newborn sessions a few weeks after the baby is born and their family sessions outdoors—and when babies are past the newborn stage. This family did a hybrid of those two ideas. They waited until their newborn was a few months old so that they could capture the sweet rolls, the big, wide OPEN eyes, and the smiles. And they chose an indoor session, which allowed for us to really capture their day to day. In fact, the session almost acted like a day-in-the-life type session despite being only slightly longer than a normal session. We captured play time, guitar time, family dance party time, reading a book time, snack time, and of course— tickle time (the best time, amiright?!)

I know parents (of 2 year olds especially) get nervous before photo sessions because they aren’t sure how their children are going to behave. I believe if your photo session was going to be rigid, with specific poses, and alllll smiling-at-the-camera pictures, yes, that would be something to be nervous about. As a fellow parent, I know how kids work. I always keep things moving, especially if one of the kids doesn’t seem to be into picture-taking. There are always fun activities and games that we can play. You make sure your kids aren’t starving and I will make sure that I give you awesome pictures. How is that for a deal?

This 2 year old is very into his toy guitars. He also knows all the words to a ton of awesome music (the Beatles, have you heard of them?) so I can already tell he is going to be the cool kid at school. Well, once he got the guitar, he had no interest in doing anything else. We did get some pretty epic family jam session pictures. It was so cute to see the whole family play together. And the baby was just watching his big brother so intently— built-in entertainment! I love watching families just play together, parents getting on the level of the kids and acting like kids themselves. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the responsibilities of being an adult (boooo). Letting me capture the FUN times, printing those photos and getting them up on your walls, will remind you, as you walk through your home, that you ARE a fun parent! You are an awesome parent. And your kids are growing up with incredible memories.

family photography family playing

family photography boy playing guitar

family photography guitar party

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