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mom holding newborn baby

Small world, but when this mom reached out to me to inquire about my newborn sessions, we found out we had a mutual friend. This mutual friend is the mom of one of my daughter’s best friends. I always love finding out just how many degrees of separation I am from my clients. Plus, obviously when we have an awesome mutual friend, I know they will be great clients!

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the house was how quiet it was. It was peaceful and light-filled. Basically, I left my zoo of a house and arrived at this safe haven haha. Mom and dad were so sweet with the baby; it was clear they are in love. And dad was even a huge helper to me as my official “Light-Blocker” since I took a risk and set up in direct sun.

It is wild how you prepare and prepare for this little person to get here and then they just totally take your world by storm. This little girl was two weeks old but I could tell that mom and dad couldn’t remember life before her. It’s as if your life starts right in that moment. And then, time starts to move at lightening speed. I just posted a reel of behind the scenes moments from the session this morning and mom commented saying that the baby already looks so different— and the session was a week ago!

I love (and hate) the saying, “Babies don’t keep,” because no truer words were spoken. Once they grow a bit more, I feel like it is every few months that you look at them and think, “Wow is he/she looking older today?” but it seems like during that first year, every single DAY they look so much older. And if you are like me, you look back at old photos and videos (sometimes from only a few weeks ago) and just cry haha. Pictures help to preserve those little details— especially from days when you are getting so little sleep, it is high-five worthy if you remember to shower and eat.

Dad holding newborn baby

parents looking lovingly at baby

newborn baby in bed

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