a family ~ rustic family session


To begin, ever since I discovered this exact location, I have been dying to find clients who a) were willing to walk uphill to get there b) were into a rustic boho-esque vibe for their session. When my friend told me about the dress she was getting for the session (swishy!), I thought yessss I can make my dreams a reality. (I know the pictures are for the clients, but I also want to make this as fun for ME as possible to keep those creative juices flowing!) She was very into the idea and her family really enjoys hiking together anyway, so the pieces slid into place.

Throughout the whole session, I kept telling the mom to swish her dress around and she was a very good listener. I love the movement in the photos. She and her husband were also the cutest together. You can just tell when a couple “has it” and this couple has it. They were even so natural with the “look at each other” poses! I will be honest, my husband and I can never pull those off without being super awkward. (Maybe we should practice more?!) The boys were so sweet and were very into their GQ solo modeling pictures. It cracks me up when I start to set someone up for a picture and they seem very shy at first and then BAM, camera comes out and suddenly it’s as if we are in a studio setting up the cover of a magazine. Good stuff!




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