m family ~ family session post-rain


The original plan was a sunset session. Any parent knows that a lot of planning goes into making one of these sessions happen. Naps have to be pushed back, outfits have to be carefully chosen (but not put on too soon or they will end up dirty!), parents have to somehow get themselves AND the kids ready, etc. etc. etc. I always check the weather neurotically the days leading up to a session (especially a sunset session) and everything looked good. Until about 5pm. Then suddenly the whole forecast changed! Talk about stress. We decided to take the risk.

As we were meeting in the parking lot, the skies completely opened up and it started to POUR. Rather than head home, we waited it out. The rain stopped after 15 minutes and we were left with every kid’s dream— tons of puddles! The M family completely went with it, rolled up their pants, took off their shoes and had an absolute blast together.

We walked around this historic site and found cool backdrop walls, water for the boys to look for fish, lightening bugs, and beautiful flowers for the kids to give to their mom. We were on an “adventure”! This family definitely has a very special connection and I felt so lucky to be the witness— the one tasked with harnessing their love and throwing it back into the world <3




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