m family ~ baby sister joins the crew in Cranford, NJ

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I love meeting new families! This mom was so easy to work with before the session so I was really looking forward to meeting her husband and two little girls. As soon as I arrived, I started chatting with dad about cameras and lenses (he is a hobbyist photographer), and the toddler was very interested in my props and what I was doing— so I felt right at home.

Many newborn photographers won’t say yes to a newborn session if the baby is over 2-3 weeks old. It is true that after this point, it can become more challenging to keep the baby in a deep sleep for photos. But if I have availability, I will usually say yes as long as the parents are flexible. Even if we have to pause and feed the baby during the session or if we have to wrap him/her up for sleepy poses, everything still works out perfectly. This little one was a month old the day of the session and she was a dream. One of the best parts about photographing babies who are just slightly older is that they often have gained a little weight and have amazing chubby cheeks!

This little one was no exception and her older sister was so sweet with her. Toddlers can be a gamble, as we all know, when it comes to a new baby. This big sis, who is almost 2, had lots of kisses and hugs for her baby. I love knowing that these sisters will be growing up with a built-in best friend!

PS— Have I mentioned how excited I am to be offering professional products in all of my collections now? This family ordered one of my albums (they are SO NICE) and I can’t wait for them to flip through and relive the session when I deliver it this weekend 🙂

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