L family session ~ no cranky babies here!

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I arrived at this location a bit before the family I was meeting because I hadn’t been there in awhile and I wanted to make sure it still looked the same as it did in my memories. Not much is more jarring than arriving at one of “my” locations that I haven’t been to in a bit and finding that it looks completely different (i.e. if I was counting on tall grasses, they have all been mowed down; or I didn’t account for the sun setting in a completely different spot than the last time I was there) So, I arrived early and did a little exploring before my clients arrived and it was just as magical as I remembered— a secluded spot surrounded by vine covered trees and bushes.

Then I headed back to the parking lot to meet my fam! They were so sweet… especially the baby, who is around the same age as my youngest. The mom was worried that she would be cranky since it was close to her bedtime. She was definitely a bit clingy but I was still able to get a lot of smiles and laughs out of her! I just had to keep running towards her and pretending like I was going to tickle her. Worth it.

The family shih tzu also got to hang for the session and she was so cute. One parent would hold the baby and the other would hold the dog, since she was so tiny. And the dog was always trying to get into the pictures— obviously I appreciated that! Meeting new families is such an amazing part of my job. I always feel like I am the luckiest.

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