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I have captured some big life moments for this mama. She was glowing at her maternity session and at her newborn session this past weekend, that glow is still there. It is so beautiful how despite being exhausted and having gone through SO MUCH in the past few weeks, there is still such a peace that moms possess after giving birth. When I asked this mom what she was feeling for this session, she told me flowers, lavender, light colors. Yes, ma’am.

Her older daughter was the best big sister at the session. She was very interested in what was happening to “her baby” and curious about the different props and setups. And then she was amazing when it came time for sibling and family pictures. She had an endless supply of hugs and kisses for her baby and was just the sweetest. It is no wonder that you are that way when you have the best parents though 🙂 At one point during the session, she had a cup of cereal that she was eating and she spilled it alllll over the floor. I don’t think I have ever seen such a calm reaction from a mom in that situation… especially a mom who was probably working on very little sleep! I will admit, I was taking notes LOL.

Dad was one day away from his birthday AND Father’s Day and all he asked for was one night off from baby duty. He wanted to stay up late playing video games with his friends for oneeee night. His wife was awesome about it. So I hope he enjoyed that night off! And that they all got to enjoy some family time together the next day.

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