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When I send out my questionnaires to my clients, I ask if they have a particular vibe in mind for the session location. This mom said she wanted us to be in her parents’ backyard, which was a few acres surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected farmland. I was definitely intrigued! She sent me a few videos in the days before, around sunset so that I could get a sense of the light. Well, those videos did not do this property justice. It was gorgeous. And when I arrived and that light was shining through the trees, and that baby was beaming up at me, it was pure perfection!

There was a beautiful little patch of white flowers and the edge of a small field, so that was where we hung out for most of the session. My client’s parents were also explaining all of the wildlife that comes with being surrounded by so much open land. I did see quite a few deer around, and they said they found a box turtle the other day. Luckily, I didn’t see any coyotes during our session :/

The little lady is turning one in a few weeks so of COURSE we had to end the session with a cake smash. Pro tip: this little cake was from Wegmans. It was the perfect size and the mom said it comes in a ton of different flavors! She had chosen a buttercream frosting, and wasn’t sure how the baby was going to be. Two of my kids started crying when I first put a little cake in front of them for their first birthdays, so you just never know. Well, this session went exactly the way you want a cake smash to go. Lots of cake everywhere, a happy baby (and dad LOL) and an empty plate. One of the funniest moments was when I asked mom and dad to get in on the fun and dad was really enjoying the cake. Well the baby was just looking up at him like, “Seriously? That’s MY cake!” (Sidenote: cleanup was a breeze since they could just run inside the house haha)

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