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This mom told me that her daughter’s name means “heather meadows,” and that she was looking for wildflowers and the “essence of summer” in her newborn session. I have known this family for a long time, so I really wanted to get this one right lol. I reached out to my friend, who is really into flowers and gardening, for help. She decided she would try to create a flower crown from fresh wildflowers in her yard.

Long story short, she ended up giving me the wildflowers to put the crown together myself, which I DID, but it still didn’t end up quite fitting the baby’s head right. So I used the remainder of the fresh flowers instead as props. (What happened to the flower crown, you may ask? I used it in pictures of my own kids later, of course!) Between those flowers, the burning candles, and low-playing music at the session, there was such a peaceful vibe.

This mom is the little sister of one of my best friends from high school… AND she was one of my students when I was a high school English teacher many years ago (she was a very good student, in case you were wondering!) So it has been such an incredible experience watching her become a mom, meeting her sweet (and very tall) husband, and just seeing the life that they are building together. She is totally nailing it <3

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