m family ~ incredible spring sunset session


This session was actually an evolved communion session, believe it or not! Mom reached out to me to set up a session for her daughter who will be making her first communion in May. She noted that for her older daughter’s communion photos (taken at the church), the family pictures were very stiff and awkward and that I was “her family’s last hope!” (She is a very funny mom and I laughed out loud at pretty much every communication we had throughout the planning process) We ended up upgrading the session to a full family session with a “costume change,” so that we could get some communion photos but mainly focus on the connections between the family members.

I especially love sunset sessions when the family goes for a timeless vibe with their clothing style and this family was all about it. Their “look” required beautiful weather! So we fought for it haha. We had to reschedule a few times because of April showers, you know how it goes. Well, it was all worth it. We got an incredible evening… at an incredible location that had special meaning to the family. This family did not want “stiff and awkward” (to quote mom, she said that in the last communion photos, “someone is [always] looking away or looks kidnapped…including my husband.”) I still laugh just picturing that in my head. But anyway, when I look through the pictures from this session, I see movement, I see physical connections, I see laughing, and natural smiles. I can’t help it, I am obsessed with this gallery!

We had so much fun during the session, especially when I was having the family members try to make each other laugh (we got some really interesting sound effects :P) and when the stealthy parking lot outfit change was happening (behind a large blanket). I don’t know if I have ever loved the start of spring more!




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