k family ~ gender reveal party


I like to mix things up to keep the creative juices flowing, so when I was asked to take pictures at a gender reveal party, I was all in. When the clients happened to be a family that I LOVE, I was even more in. What I loved about this session is that aside from capturing the super exciting moment pictured above, I was also able to weave more traditional maternity poses in there too. And the other thing that was super fun is that while the party-goers were focusing their phones on the couple as the confetti canons all went off and then excitedly showing each other the pictures and videos that they captured, I was able to capture them and their reactions. The friends gathering around a phone making “awww!” faces. The grandma-to-be tearing up as she Facetimes her relatives in Italy to tell them the happy news. The sister of the soon-to-be-dad running towards the couple with her phone. I loved all of that.

To backtrack a bit, the sisters of the new mom and dad were the ones who learned the BIG SECRET over a month ago. They even had special shirts made! Somehow they kept the boy/girl secret from even their parents. So everyone was really finding out whether Baby K was a boy or a girl at the same time. The anticipation was palpable. The grandma-to-be (the one Facetiming Italy) told me later that she was so emotional because she wanted her son to have a son just like him. Now usually, moms say that in a negative way (“I hope you get a crazy kid JUST LIKE YOU someday!”) but this mom, in her incredibly sweet way, meant it as the highest praise. She told me how perfect her son was as a baby… he slept amazingly, never cried, and was just so easy. Let’s all hope that this baby IS just like that!

Full disclosure: after the amazing madness of the full group shooting off the confetti canons, we did stage some more photos with leftover canons. The last picture makes me laugh though because Baby K’s future zia suggested that she pick up some of the confetti on the ground and throw it into the air for a photo op. The wind took it in the completely wrong direction and she had to keep moving around and trying again, hence why Baby K’s mom can’t stop laughing! After meeting and spending time with both families, I can say that is one very loved baby.




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