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newborn photography two dads holding baby hand

Most newborn session clients reach out to me during their pregnancy to schedule. This dad reached out to me and told me that his son was born the week before and asked if he could schedule a session. Luckily, the winter is a slower season for me so I could make it happen. As I began to get to know this dad, between setting up the session and then at the session itself, I learned that he and his husband had been waiting to adopt a baby for over two years. Towards the beginning of the process, they had purchased a crib but not much beyond that because they weren’t sure this was ever going to happen— especially as more and more time kept passing. Then one day, they got the call. There was a baby for them and he was being discharged from the hospital in a day. I honestly cannot even imagine all that was going through their heads in that moment, but one thing they did know was that they had to get ready for a baby. NOW.

They went to Target and said they basically panic-bought one of everything. (By the way, after being in their home for the session, it looked like they had lovingly prepared everything for months and months— after much thought and contemplation. The nursery was perfect. Everyone was very comfortable and settled in.) Then they went and brought their dream home from the hospital to meet his big sister puppy, Khloe, who was so good and calm around the baby.

I love everything about their story and could not be happier for them that they have their little boy now. Watching these two dads with their baby was the absolute sweetest. They just seemed so happy, so fulfilled, so at peace. There is no question in my mind that this little boy is incredibly lucky to get to grow up in a home with so much love— and two parents who waited and waited for him until the planets aligned and they could bring home their absolute best surprise.

Little Baby B was amazing for his session, especially when he was being held by his dads and after he was all cozy and wrapped up. Since this was all happening during the middle of a huge NJ snowstorm (yes, I know I am crazy. I took a truck!), we even ended the session with a photo of the family wrapped in a blanket together in the backyard, surrounded by the beautiful snow. It was all so worth it for me.

PS— I don’t usually share BW images because I tend to see the world in color, but sometimes, a BW conversion is just so perfect. Sharing one this time 🙂

newborn photography two dads looking at their new baby

newborn photography two new dads looking at each other

newborn photography baby wrapped with bear hat

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