b family ~ birthday cake smash

Morristown photography boy walking

How cute is this little guy?! We have had this session set up since last fall and poor mom reached out to me in a panic the other day because her son had taken a bad fall. He had a big bruise on his forehead and a few cuts on his nose. (Remember what I was saying in my last blog post about one year olds?) I told her not to worry; I was sure I would be able to edit that out. How did I do?

The weather was a little cooler than originally forecasted but the sunset was absolutely dreamy. I love this new location! We walked across stone bridges, danced in the middle of a park, tickled baby feet under a weeping willow and then ended the session with a cake smash. Does anyone else feel like maybe every session should end in a cake smash? I could be onto something here…

Mom and dad hopped in to show their son that it is ok to get messy! He did love the taste of the frosting, even though he was a little bit chilly (but he looked so stinking cute with the suspenders and bowtie!) I actually love cake smash photos when the parents, or even the whole family, gets in there. I mean, when else are you going to do that? Plus, then you are “fun parents” haha. What a fun way to wrap up my weekend 🙂

family photography feet tickles

cake smash photography family dancing

Cake Smash Photography boy eating cake

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