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This family has been with me from the beginning— maternity, newborn, holiday mini session (last year) and now fall family session. At one point, the mom laughed and said, “Our sessions with you are always cold.” Their maternity session was in the winter— in probably 3 feet of snow… that was about as cold as you could get! But so much fun.

I try to pick new spots each time for my repeat clients so that we have new spots to explore together, new adventures, new backdrops. So it was cold, but it was beautiful! I loved seeing how much this little guy has grown over the past year. At first he was a little shy, but he was happy when he was with his mom and dad. And they had no problem getting him to smile and laugh! By the end of the session (as long as he had his favorite toy), we could even get him to take solo pictures. In all of the family pictures though, I love that no matter what was happening— if his mom was tickling him, or his dad was throwing him into the air, he always had his eyes on me. I think he was very suspicious of me and not quite sure what I was doing there.

One of my favorite things about this job is watching “my families” grow. I get to come in and mirror back what alone time in these families looks like, so I feel a kinship to these people! Can’t wait to see what another year brings for all of us 🙂

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